Beyoncé Wearable Arts Gala 2022 Look Is Equal Parts Camp And Old Hollywood



Surprise gifts are a great way to show your appreciation, especially when you’re Beyonce.

Cardi B shared on Twitter, September 19, that she received an unexpected gift from Queen B. Beyonce’s newest album was the gift. 1 album Renaissance. The handwritten note of “Alien Superstar”, the singer, was also included in the package: “Hardworking, beautiful, and talented queen. I am grateful for your support. Yours and mine, so much love.

Harlem Nights is a 1989 film. Much of the movie takes place in 1930s speakeasy club Club Sugar Ray. Beyonce’s elegant evening gown could easily be at home there. The custom Gucci mermaid gown was strapless and had stars at her bust. It also featured pink opera gloves with ruffles at her shoulders. (The star loves an Opera glove.

The more playful outfit was refined by her stunning Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and Dolce & Gabbana bag. The perfect example of camp, it was exaggerated and extravagant but also had a clever reference. We’re still waiting patiently for her Renaissance visuals to drop, but this new fabulous (and somewhat kitschy) look will keep us happy until her music videos drop. Almost!

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