The Greatest Bolognese Sauce, Mallorca, And Morgan Freeman



The Sandro restaurant, Palma’s top-rated star Morgan Freeman entered the restaurant. Bulletin online exclusive revealed that Morgan Freeman, the world’s top actor, is currently on the island filming the series Lioness. It also stars Nicole Kidman. Morgan had pasta bolognese, which he said was one of the best meals he’d ever had. Morgan shared his experience with friends, stating that he enjoyed every bite of the meal.

Lioness, an American television spy drama series, was created by Taylor Sheridan, the creator of “Yellowstone”. The story of Lioness centers on a woman who loses both her children and her lover, as she is accused of fraud by her husband. Based on a true-life CIA program, Lioness is about a young Marine who is recruited to help the terrorist’s daughter. This series is produced jointly by 101 Studios and MTV Entertainment Studios.

Kidman will portray Kaitlyn, a Senior Supervisor at the CIA who has a long history of playing politics. She will have to manage the trappings of being both a woman in high-ranking intelligence, a wife who longs for attention and a mentor to someone who is veering suspiciously near the same rocky path she has found herself on.

Filming will take place all over the island. This could be the largest production ever shot on the island.

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